The 3rd….my jacket????

I’m crazy I know it…. I sheared with you that I started my two before projects, my boyfriend sweater and a beautiful socks!!! But… whats happens??? I turned crazy, really! my god, I started really well but with:

The sweater, was really big in my raglan neck ( is a crew neck) I think really that is for the wool, because I started it two times with circular needles with my gauge, and all, and I started with 44 cm and finished with 55 cm almost…unbelievable !! O.o two times.. for this, I preferred hibernated it. After, I started with the 5 needles techniques, never used for me too ( the same like circular needles) and… when I arrive to the middle of the project… I didn’t known how continued  it…. another hibernated project because I can’t continuous right now them, but… I decided start this beautiful jacket from Never Not Knitting,, the jacket’s name is Buds and Bulboms, and…. yes! I’m happy, of course I did and I do mistakes but the project runs well!!! I’m happy for this!!!



I’m happy for this little progress, why??? because I started to learn knit this las october and for myself!! I know, I’m slow and I do mistakes… but I continuous happy!!!




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